If you have already registered with the VCF, filed a claim, or even received an award, then developed a 9/11-related cancer, you may file an amended claim to include the new cancer diagnosis. Submitting an amended claim will virtually always result in an increase in the award for non-economic losses such as pain and suffering. Submitting an amended claim could also result in an additional award of economic losses related to the diagnosis.


A claim may also be amended when an injury or condition worsens significantly and causes economic losses that were not compensated for in the original award. If information that supports the original claim (and was not submitted with the original claim) is believed to impact the loss, an amended claim may be filed.


Contact Our 9/11 Cancer Lawyers


Because amending a previously submitted 9/11 claim can be complicated, it can be extremely helpful to speak to a 9/11 cancer attorney at Turley Hansen & Partners who is familiar with the 9/11 compensation claim amendment process. Your attorney can assist you in ensuring your forms are complete and filled out properly and help you determine whether it will be in your best interests to add a condition to your original application.


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